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Shopping paternity test kit through the test IdentiGEN private, personal DNA. Collecting DNA samples in the privacy of your home, without requiring a lawyer or doctor. The results of the early working days from when your AS2 samples arrive in our DNA paternity testing laboratory.

The most useful of all, you'll find.
DNA paternity test Sign possible father of the child and biological parents (optional, but highly acclaimed). Results in 3-5 business days from the time it reaches the laboratory.

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For your convenience in mind, it has never been more convenient and affordable or desirable. DNA test that IdentiGEN DNA samples gathered in the privacy of your home. Send to a DNA test kit back to our DNA paternity testing laboratory in a few days, your paternity test results. IdentiGEN DNA paternity test at any time to give a definitive answer, and still delivers 99 results dandier view. 99%. IdentiGEN provides the most accurate DNA paternity test results available today.

1st DNA tests - for sale
Purchase DNA paternity test kit in the local pharmacy.

2nd DNA paternity test sample collection
Using a mobile site to take samples of DNA swabs from the biological parent, alleged father and child.

3rd Send samples for DNA testing testing
Send samples and laboratory-prepared forms IdentiGEN fee.

4th Paternity test results
Your paternity results will be available within two days. You can choose how you want your paternity test results are reported online, by phone or a copy of the paternity test results directly to your mail.
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DNA paternity testing for legal purposes
A leader in DNA testing are accredited with both services and IdentiGEN Lab AABB DNA paternity test. While some certification is only used for DNA paternity testing for legal purposes, IdentiGEN use the same technology and laboratory guidelines for the processing of samples and reporting results of DNA tests of all relationships. If you need a DNA paternity test kit for legitimate purposes or simply for peace of mind, rest assured that your results IdentiGEN home paternity test is the most accurate available.

Home Paternity Test Results To choose how the results will be reported access to the results of the paternity test on-line via e-mail address and password that you specify in the order form. You can additionally access the results of the paternity test in his home over the phone (password required) and / or a copy of the paternity test results directly to your mail.