DNA Diet Test

Diet, a DNA test will tell you what is the most effective
Know what the right diet for you just $ 149. In the States everything is possible, also buy a test and find out what we need slimming.

The idea, developed by a team of researchers led by Christopher Gardner 's Stanford University in California, comes from the awareness that no one diet is optimal for all. Hence the invention of a test of DNA that studies by the thread and sign our metabolism (after all he had already spoken in recent months, the genetic test kit ).

The test, presented at the congress of the 'American Association of Cardiology being held in San Francisco, has been tested on more than 100 women who were overweight and diet.

The test detects mutations in three genes - such FABP2, PPARG and ADRB2 - involved in metabolism and assimilation of fats and sugars. It all started with an estimate according to which 39% of people have a genetic heritage for which we recommend a diet low in fat, while 45% would respond better to low carbohydrate diets, and 16% should be limited both fat and carbohydrates.

The study showed that a standard diet is not suitable for everyone and that there is a predisposing factor that makes a diet more suitable than another. The fact is that, among women who participated in the trial, those who were more likely to have a low-carbohydrate diet lost, on a diet of this type, more than double the weight than those who had the same genotype, followed a different type of diet.
DNA Life Span

It is now up to researchers whether the same principle also applies to men. Meanwhile, we girls can give a respite to the fixing of the starvation diet (which begins, no one knows why, every saint Monday) and follow the advice of our DNA.

The privately held company that developed the test is to Interleukin Genetics .