DNA Life Span

DNA testing and life expectancy
These days I read a couple of really terrific news, and that in some respects related.

In the United States, New York, a judge, a woman has taken custody of two children to a mother affected by breast cancer. The reason? According to her a mother with these issues is not able to raise his children, also causes minimal risk of life expectancy, it is better, according to the court that the children already living with his dad. Obviously there was a popular uprising . And I concur. Are You Kidding? A sick mother is still a mom in a position to educate, grow and spoil their children. Moreover, thanks to treatment, the tumors can be cured . Who knows exactly how much you can live?

And here I connect to the second piece of news reported by British newspaper The Independent : "The date of death seems to be no longer a mystery." A quick fact, a simple blood test can determine our rate of aging and to estimate how many years left to live. The DNA tests will be sold in a few months in England at a cost of about € 500.

DNA Life Span
Clearly it is not able to predict exactly month and year of death and the cause, but is able to produce a relatively accurate estimate of how fast you are aging, and how long we have left to live.

The test in fact measures the vital structures of telomeres, the terminal regions of chromosomes, which seem to have a relationship with aging. Depending on their length will then be able to ascertain the real biological age and compare it with the registry. The smaller and more is located near the telomere our last hours ..

The first question is whether this test actually works and is reliable, because obviously certain, now, is not there. The second consideration concerns the possible consequences.

How would you lead the people to whom, through DNA analysis, were expected to leave on very short life? It could be psychologically devastating, and may also produce important social consequences.