Hobbit DNA

Will test the hobbit-DNA
Researchers will make another attempt to map the genes of the species known as the hobbit-man from Flores in Indonesia.

After the breakthrough in relation to gensekvensering of Neanderthals and so-called Denisova-man from Siberia to the genes of Homo floresiensis stand in line.

This extinct human species was about one meter tall and is known from remains found on the island of Flores in Indonesia.

During 2011, hope geneticists from the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) to obtain DNA from a 18,000 year old tooth from an H. floresiensis, reports Nature News.

The conditions are not the best, partly because climatic conditions make the DNA is broken down quickly in the tropics.

I hope it succeeds
DNA Life Span

Developments in DNA sequencing may make it possible to overcome past problems with retrieving DNA from Homo floresiensis, remains, according to Tony Djubiantono, who is director of the Indonesian National Centre for Archaeology in Jakarta

Genstudier can provide a clarification of the controversy about the "Hobbit" will be placed on the family board of us and our closest relatives. Similar attempts failed in 2003.

Christina Adler at the Australian ACAD rely on new ways to extract DNA that are less harmful to the material. Other experts are more doubtful whether it will succeed.

Strangely neighborhoods

What is certain is that the short stature our relatives, which are believed to live up to 17 000 years ago, continues to excite the imagination.

Flores had a distinctive fauna, associated with that evolution often take their own paths on isolated islands.

BBC reported last month that it had found fossil remains of a giant stork who may have lived on Flores also the "hobbits". Stork could be 1.8 meters high and weighing 16 kg, according to an international research team.

The size would have made ​​it a formidable challenge for Homo florensiensis.

The fauna of Flores had other many fun features, and included both giant rats, dwarf elephants and Komodo Dragon - a carnivorous lizard still living on some islands in the region.