What is DNA Analysis

DNA analysis. DNA test method to characterize the genes in an individual. DNA analysis is used to map the relationships between different organisms, the diagnosis of born and unborn individuals, to determine paternity and forensic medicine. The analysis is based on several techniques, including electrophoresis and DNA hybridization. Variation rich parts of the DNA is made visible by a ribbon pattern. The method used to simultaneously analyze many different parts of the genetic material.
DNA Life Span

The pattern of DNA bearing the same throughout life, just like fingerprints. Analysis of blood, semen, hair roots, muscle tissue etc. give the same pattern. There is little basic material required for DNA analysis to be performed. A drop of blood the size of a pinhead is NOK, because there are techniques in which DNA can multiply many times (polymerase chain reaction). DNA analysis technique was first performed by the British geneticist Alec Jeffreys in 1985.